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120 Second Science

The scientists of Dublin City University's Faculty of Science and Health provide answers to straightforward questions in, ordinary language, in just two minutes.

If you have a question for our researchers that you are curious about, and would like answered, then please get in touch with the producer, Seán Duke, sean.duke@dcu.ie

Episode 9: What is a wormhole? 

Dr Peter Taylor, an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Astrophysics and Relativity (CfAR) in the School of Mathematical Sciences at DCU, provides an answer. 

Episode 8: Why is cancer so hard to treat? 

Dr Alex Eustace, School of Biotechnology, explains why cancer has been so difficult to treat, despite decades of research effort. 


Episode 7: What is an exoplanet? 

Assistant Professor Oisin Creaner, School of Physical Sciences explains what an exoplanet is, and the scientific challenges involved in finding one. 

Episode 6: When is losing a winning strategy? 

Professor Brien Nolan, School of Mathematics details how - in game theory - a losing strategy can end up winning. 

Episode 5: How big is infinity? 

Brien Nolan, School of Mathematical Sciences, reveals why, in mathematical terms, infinity is even bigger than we might think. 

Episode 4: What is a Black Hole? 

Masha Chernyakova, School of Physical Sciences, explains the forces behind the creation of a Black Hole and where we might expect to find one.

Episode 3: What is a semiconductor?

Enda McGlynn, School of Physical Sciences, describes what a semiconductor is, where they are found in the world, and how they are used. 

Episode 2: What do Jo Malone and Linus Pauling have in common? 

Aoife Morrin, School of Chemical Sciences, describes what connects the famous perfumer and Nobel Prize winning scientist. 

Episode 1: Which animal has the keenest sense of smell? 

Aoife Morrin, School of Chemical Sciences, reveals what animal reigns supreme when it comes to sense of smell.