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School of Mathematical Sciences
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Brien Nolan
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Glasnevin Campus
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Academic biography

Brien Nolan is Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Science and Health, and is an Associate Professor in the School of Mathematical Sciences. He graduated in Mathematical Sciences from UCD (BSc 1990, MSc 1991), and completed his PhD in Relativity Theory in the Department of Mathematical Physics, UCD in 1995. His principal research interests are General Relativity (space-time singularities and cosmic censorship; black holes; wave propagation in curved spacetimes) and Mathematics Education. He is a member of the editorial board of the IOP journal Classical and Quantum Gravity and has held various administrative positions in the School of Mathematical Sciences, including Head of School, Director of the Maths Learning Centre, School Teaching Convenor and Chair of the BSc in Science Education. 

Research interests

General Relativity and Gravitation:
Space-time singularities and cosmic censorship;
Wave propagation in curved space-time;
Self-force in general relativity
Self-similarity in general relativity;
Mathematical relativity;
Black hole physics.
Mathematics Education:
Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching;
Pre-service teacher education;
Diagnostic testing at third level;
Developing online resources for first year university mathematics students;
Creative reasoning in mathematics.