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Bachelor of ArtsJoint Honours

Having established a record of excellence in undergraduate education the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is offering a Bachelor of Arts (Joint Honours) Degree.

This degree draws on existing DCU strengths while giving you the choice of what you want to study from a unique range of subjects. Students also have the option to take a year abroad (year abroad students complete the degree over four years). You will acquire a critical perspective on areas central to contemporary society, including law, politics and the media. You can also complement this knowledge by developing a high competence in a foreign language or Irish.

Each subject area of the Bachelor of Arts will provide you with an opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a particular academic discipline. This degree will prepare you for a variety of careers while also providing a solid foundation for further study at postgraduate level.

Your Arts Degree at DCU

  • Humanities

    Choose Two subjects from: English, *Gaeilge, Human Development OR Philosophy, History OR *Music, Geography OR Theology and Religious Studies

  • Media Studies

    Choose Media Studies + One other subject from: English, *International Languages or Politics

  • Law

    Choose Law + One other subject from: History, *International Languages or Media Studies

  • International Languages

    Choose *International Languages + one other subject from: *Gaeilge or Politics

  • Politics

    Choose Politics + one other subject from: Geography, History, Law or Theology and Religious Studies

Additional Notes
Subjects are studied for three or four years.

*Gaeilge offered at intermediate level only.

*International Languages includes French or German or Spanish, all offered at intermediate level only.

*Music restricted entry. Applicants who obtain a place on DC009 and wish to take music will be required to present for an assessment comprising rudiments of music (theory and an aural test). The assessment will take place on Saturday 24th March 2018. Please check back at regular intervals for updates. Only those applicants who successfully complete the assessment will be eligible to register for music on DC009.

Learn about the subjects on offer
  • English

    You will engage with a wide range of literature and become familiar with the vital characteristics and contexts of drama, poetry, film and fiction.

  • Gaeilge

    You will learn about Irish culture and tradition as well as developing your practical language skills.

  • Geography

    You will examine human activity, human-environment relations and physical environments at a variety of scales, from the local through to the global.

  • History

    You will explore how human beings behave grounded on a close examination of how they have behaved in the past in all spheres of the world but with a particular emphasis on Ireland.

  • Human Development

    You will develop an understanding of human needs and capacities at crucial stages of the development process through your studies of Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy. This subject is offered only on DC009.

  • International Languages (French, German, Spanish)

    You will acquire proficiency in your chosen language and learn about culture, film, literary traditions and intercultural communication.

  • Law

    You will learn about constitutional and criminal law, about property and European law and the law of evidence.

  • Media Studies

    You will learn about communication theory, the history of the media, film theory and press and public relations.

  • Music

    You will gain knowledge and understanding of classical, traditional, popular and other music styles. This subject is only offered on DC009.

  • Philosophy

    You will critically engage with a range of questions about issues such as truth, beauty, value, knowledge, and the nature of reality. In doing so, you will develop enhanced skills in clear analysis and rigorous argumentation.

  • Politics

    You will learn about the Irish, European and American political systems, international relations and the politics of the United Nations.

  • Theology & Religious Studies

    You will critically engage with questions, closely analyse ancient and modern texts, and develop insights into cultural and religious diversity.