Our Inclusive Community

Inclusiveness is in our DNA. You are now part of a diverse community of learners of over 18,000 students. Irrespective of your level or mode of study, our DCU Students' Union and the Office of Student Life plays an important role in representing you and can help you create healthy connections and get the best from your university life. We are firmly committed to equality, diversity and inclusion through our engagement with the Athena Swan Charter. Through this work, we strive to build a university environment where everyone has a voice, can flourish and feel that they belong. 

Our Inclusive Learning Environment

The Disability and Learning Support Service can also offer specialist advice and support to help you navigate university life and empower you to reach your full potential in an inclusive learning environment.

For our students with autism or who are neurodivergent, we also have specific supports that we hope will help your university experience. Across the campuses we have quieter areas, and we have a number of sensory pods. We are the first autism friendly university in the world, and we would not be DCU without our students and staff who are neurodivergent. The Autism Friendly coordinator is Fiona Earley and you can reach her at fiona.earley@dcu.ie.

Dignity and Respect

We encourage and nurture inclusiveness and belonging across our community and while this can be found in accepting and acknowledging our differences, in healthy debates and within positive interactions and relationships, it is all underlined and guided by respect.  Inclusiveness, equality and respect go hand in hand and breaches to our policies will not be tolerated. We do not tolerate unlawful discriminatory practices or behaviours and we operate a zero tolerance stance on sexual misconduct.

Together, we are working to advance supports for our multicultural community, our LGBTQI+ community and our intersectionally marginalised communities. We have a team of allies and advisers available to support those who may experience unacceptable behaviour, so please reach out.  To chat in confidence about your experience, email studentreport@dcu.ie.   

Pastoral Services

At DCU Chaplaincy you will find an ethos of care, support and sanctuary. If you have a question about faith or want to learn more about our many faith traditions, or maybe you just want to connect with others, contact DCU Chaplaincy.


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