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Centre for Assessment Research, Policy and Practice in Education (CARPE)

Michael O'Leary and Steve Stemler

CARPE Seminar with Prof. Steve Stemler

On Tuesday, 3rd October, we were delighted to welcome Prof. Steve Stemler (Wesleyian University, Connecticut) to the Institute of Education. Steve's research is focused on the purposes of school and how to measure these. Along with his colleagues Julian Elliott, Elena Grigorenko and Robert Sternberg, Steve has developed a series of situational judgement tests (SJTs) measuring teachers' 'social intelligence', and these SJTs have since formed the basis of an ongoing project at CARPE investigating the use of animations to measure complex skills and competencies.

Steve delivered an engaging seminar to the staff of the IoE, in which he discussed the concepts of social intelligence and teacher effectiveness (and how these may be related), outlined the development of his SJTs, and presented interesting findings arising from a study comparing the performance of expert and novice teachers on these SJTs. A podcast of Steve's seminar is available here.

31st October, 2017