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Post-Doctoral Researchers

To be announced. 

The position of Prometric Post-Doctoral Researcher is currently being advertised. 


Eadaoin Slattery

Dr. Éadaoin Slattery 

Éadaoin is a cognitive psychologist and works as a post-doctoral researcher in the Centre for Assessment Research, Policy and Practice in Education (CARPE). Her post-doctoral research focuses on game-based learning and assessment using Minecraft: Education Edition as well as research on educational assessment more broadly. Éadaoin holds a B.Sc. in Psychology and M.Sc. in Psychological Science from the University of Limerick. She is broadly interested in the measurement and enhancement of cognition and learning in children and adolescents, with a particular emphasis on attention and memory. Her PhD research (also completed at the University of Limerick), which was funded by the Irish Research Council, focused on the development and evaluation of a school-based attention training programme designed to improve concentration in primary school children. Éadaoin is a member of the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS) Catalyst network, which aims to advance the practice and teaching of transparent and reproducible research in the social sciences. She has held various teaching positions at the University of Limerick and Mary Immaculate College in psychology and research methods.