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Centre for Assessment Research, Policy and Practice in Education (CARPE)

Professional Practice

Through the provision of on-line and fact-to-face accredited and non-accredited programmes, CARPE is a locus of assessment professional development for educators working in settings from early childhood to fourth level.  


Doctorate in Education (EdD)  Assessment Learning and Teaching (ALT) Strand The EdD is a research degree (Level 10) for experienced professionals from education and related fields who would like to extend their professional understanding and develop skills in research, evaluation and high-level reflection on practice. The ALT strand aims to develop educators with specialist knowledge and expertise in assessment of, for and as learning.  Mindful of the need for alignment between assessment, learning and teaching at each level of the system, the module will address the “big ideas” pertaining to assessment, learning and teaching as they play out in, and impact on, various educational contexts. Students will be expected to engage actively in a learning community dedicated to critical analysis, robust review and high level scholarship relating to policy and practice in assessment, learning and teaching. Successful participants will be primed to assume leadership roles nationally and internationally in assessment.

Course Leaders: Zita Lysaght & Michael O’Leary

More information on the EdD is available at

M.Ed Assessment Special Option : In the Autumn of 2016 a new Educational Special Option will be offered as part of the M.Ed (Level 9)  at the Institute of Education. This special option, focused on all areas of education from early childhood to fourth level,  will address both the theoretical and practical aspects of assessment through an engagement with the research and policy literature on assessment and through an examination of assessment practice in classrooms in Ireland and internationally. The content of the first two modules will be organised around the twin concepts of assessment for learning (AfL) and assessment of learning (AoL). A third module will focus on concepts and principles at the intersection of  educational research  (especially quantitative research),  educational measurement and educational assessment. Participants will be encouraged to share their knowledge and skills in the area in a way that will allow  modules within the strand to build on their strengths and address their needs.

Course Leaders: Zita Lysaght & Michael O’Leary

More information on the M.Ed is available at:


Professional Certificate: Classroom Assessment for Teaching and Learning: The purpose of this course is to enrich classroom teachers’ knowledge, skills and understanding of the nature of assessment for teaching and learning in classroom settings and across the curriculum. Students will also have opportunities to contribute to discussion and debate, offer critical reflection on their experiences of Classroom Assessment and consider its further development.

Course Leaders: Barbara Collins & Michael O’Leary

More information on the Professional Certificate/Diploma in Education is available at:


Summer Course for Primary and Secondary Teachers: Participants are introduced to some of the key Assessment for Learning (AfL) strategies and techniques with a view to enhancing  their teaching of oral language, reading and writing. The extent to which summative assessment data (such as test scores) can be used for formative  and effective ways of communicating assessment data to students, parents and others will also be explored. Accessing and evaluating web based AfL resources will be an integral element of the course.

More information on this summer course will be available shortly.