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Biodesign Europe

Biodesign Europe at DCU

Biodesign Europe, based in Dublin City University (DCU), partners with Arizona State University’s (ASU) Biodesign Institute to translate critical scientific innovations to today’s complex global challenges for the betterment of people’s lives. 

You can visit the website for the institute here 

The Biodesign Europe was established by DCU and ASU in 2020, arising from the Transatlantic Higher Education Partnership, signed by both universities in 2013. This successful partnership has provided students and researchers with unique education and research experiences while making a positive impact on communities in Arizona and Ireland. 

ASU’s Biodesign Institute — which seeks inspiration from nature for solutions to human health, community safety and global sustainability issues — is well-aligned with the DCU strategic research objective of translating such scientific knowledge into technological advancements and practices that can positively impact people’s lives.

 In the context of the Transatlantic Higher Education Partnership, the universities established Biodesign Europe at DCU to develop collaborative applied research programs that take advantage of the institutions’ complementary strengths across the key research areas of healthcare technology, sustainable manufacturing, biotechnology, bioanalytical systems, and sustainability for health.

Crucially, Biodesign Institute Europe works closely with Biodesign Institute at ASU to help translate scientific discoveries into the market, where they can benefit society as a whole.

Biodesign Europe seeks to engage continuously with both industry and end users. The location of Biodesign Europe in Ireland is advantageous as 20 of the world’s top 25 multinationals working within the spaces of biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical device technology, and information and communications technology are situated here.

As well as excellent location and research capabilities, DCU also enjoys strategic partnerships with the European Consortium of Innovative Universities [https://www.eciu.org/] and the Young European Research Universities Network [https://www.yerun.eu/], which are European networks of young universities that are innovative and entrepreneurial in their thinking concerning education and research.

ASU enjoys strategic partnerships through the Global Consortium for Sustainability Outcomes, Mayo Clinic, Banner Health and PLuS Alliance

It’s anticipated there will be many research and secondment opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in working on exciting  multidisciplinary applied research programs at the Biodesign Institute Europe in DCU. 

Biomaterials engineer and full professor at DCU, Nicholas Dunne, is the executive director of Biodesign Europe. 

He brings to this role his significant leadership and management experience as director of DCU’s Centre for Medical Engineering Research.