Alberto Costella

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I am Alberto, an Italian engineer who completed his studies at DCU. I chose the MEng in Mechanical and manufacturing engineering, majoring in simulation driven design, because I love engineering and I think that simulation is not just the future, but it is already the present. I really enjoyed the course as it probably exceeded my expectations. Since I came from a completely different context, it has been quite difficult but worth it. You can challenge yourself everyday during the course with the continuous assessments that help a lot to stay focused on the modules. 

I enjoyed being involved in some group and individual projects that have been really interesting. I liked all the modules, in particular, the ones concerning FEA and CFD and the turbomachinery, but all the modules were really nice. I learned a lot about research and its methodology, and this course still helps me a lot with my job and in my everyday life. 

The course impacted my life by giving me a lot of very useful skills to get a job and to be used at work everyday. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone interested in Mechanical engineering. It’s not easy and you need to study and practice a lot, but if you like what you do you won’t experience any problems.

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