Dona Dilini Manushi Wijetunge Arachchige

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I am Dona, and I’m a postgraduate student in electronic and computer engineering majoring in nanotechnology and photonics. I chose this course because I was intrigued by all of the theory that was listed as part of the modules I chose, and because of my passion for exploring the intersection of electronics and cutting-edge technologies. The opportunity to delve into areas such as solid-state electronics, semiconductor devices, and nanoelectronics technology aligned perfectly with my career aspirations, allowing me to bridge theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Most of the modules required us to understand and use equations that are used in real-life engineering work, such as designing a diode or calculating the signal to noise ratio in a diode.

Last semester, my favorite module was the fundamentals of industrial plasma. I liked it the most because the concept of plasma was new to me. The exposure to diverse modules, from photonic devices to industrial plasmas, has broadened my perspective and equipped me with a multidisciplinary skill set. The practical skills that I hope to gain during the next semester will open doors for me to opportunities in the semiconductor industry. 

For someone considering this course, I would advise embracing the diverse range of modules offered and going through all the modules properly to try and see what you would like to learn. Personally, when I am passionate about a subject, I don’t feel a great deal of stress when studying, and I really think that is important these days.

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