Dr Donnla O’Hagan

Sports Science and Health is a super programme giving you broad exposure to a range of topics such as sport psychology, nutrition, strength and conditioning, biomechanics, and coaching. I am particularly interested in sport psychology and performance under pressure in a variety of settings such as in sports, the military or in emergency environments.

No two days are the same in this job. I am involved in some really exciting research projects from working with farmers to trainee pilots in the Air Corps to elite level athletes. It’s great to see your research having a positive impact on the everyday lives of these people.

Follow your curiosity

I don't believe in trying to teach students every single thing about a topic. There just isn’t the time!. But, if we can instil interest and curiosity in a student, they’ll be more eager to further explore and read to learn more. 

Experience and practice is also vital. As well as the theory and research, students need to understand the practical application of what they have learned to better prepare them for their own careers once they leave DCU.

Dr Donnla O’Hagan is Assistant Professor in Sport Psychology, and Programme chair of the BSc in Sports Science & Health

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