Dr Peter Robbins

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Technology has become the primary force of disruption across all sectors, and, combined with powerful marketing,  it’s going to unleash unprecedented innovation and growth in the decade ahead.  Business is moving apace. Every organisation is on a journey of digital transformation.  Innovation and the ability to find new competitive opportunities, new business models, new value propositions will be what separates the winners and losers in the digital economy.  But innovation isn’t merely driving big business and the private sector, it is also increasingly central to jobs in the public sector and in social enterprise or the third sector.

The MInT degree has been carefully designed to position graduates to succeed in this fast-paced, innovation-led, technology enabled world.  You’ll learn about the latest emerging technologies and what they’re capable of and how they’re likely to change business and society.   You’ll learn how to imagine, create and develop new ideas.  You’ll learn about design thinking (the number one approach to new product and service development in Fortune 500 companies) and you’ll learn the basics of web design.  You’ll learn about digital business and digital marketing. You’ll learn how to take ideas from heartbeat to high street.

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