Dr Stephen Power

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I’d highly recommend this course to students who are interested in Physics, but who also are interested in applying the practical problem-solving skills of a physicist to other fields, and in particular, to problems in the fast-growing data and machine-learning industries. Besides the core physics content, students in this module will gain experience in programming, statistics, data analysis, data visualisation and artificial intelligence. Preparing the new modules for this course was both a challenging and rewarding experience: it gave us the opportunity to radically rethink both delivery and content.


In addition to standard lectures, PAN students will participate in industry-partnered challenges, intense learning opportunities, and both virtual and hybrid laboratory sessions. We are also developing new content, introducing students to advanced machine-learning techniques and illustrating their use in both state-of-the-art physics research and technologies including self-driving cars, fraud detection and image recognition. 


We are excited that the course we have developed will prepare students for the world beyond DCU, by equipping them with both the problem-solving intuition and the technical prowess required for a wide range of possible careers. These encompass sectors from science and technology all the way to finance, insurance, and consultancy. I would recommend anybody who is considering this course to take a look at the modules offered in each year, and to get in touch with either Karsten Fleischer (the course coordinator) or myself with any questions, which we are more than happy to answer!

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