Homeless Prevention and Intervention

Homeless Prevention and Intervention

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This certificate offers you the ideal opportunity to develop knowledge and skills that can help prevent homelessness, while also teaching you more about the use of effective, supportive interventions with people encountering homelessness.

DCU has developed this programme in collaboration with the Dublin Region Homeless Executive and a range of Irish homelessness agencies. As a student on this programme, you’ll examine  homelessness in society, and come to understand further the personal contexts and complex needs of people and families experiencing homelessness. 

You’ll study part-time, covering three ten-credit modules over three semesters (one module per semester). You’ll learn in class seminars and workshops in DCU and in online lectures, learning activities and exercises. For each module, you’ll need to allow about 42 hours, not counting your own self-directed study time.

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Careers & Further Options

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As a graduate of this course, you will have achieved a third level undergraduate certificate specifically related to the contexts, needs and effective support interventions among people who experience homelessness. 

In addition to improving your knowledge and competence in working and developing practice in this area, you will have enhanced your professional profile and will therefore have a competitive edge in future employment and promotion. 

Some of our recent graduates have opted for further undergraduate or postgraduate study in DCU and elsewhere. 

In addition to improving your knowledge and competence in working and developing practice in this area, you’ll enhance your professional profile and broaden your career horizons.

  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Mentor
  • Outreach
  • Support Intervention and Planning
Support Intervention and Planning

DCU graduates are highly sought after by employers. Our Graduates work in environments ranging from large multinationals to SMEs, family businesses and start-ups across every sector.

DCU Careers Service has a number of learning and development initiatives in place for our students, giving them the skills they need for a successful career path.

Go to our Careers site to find out more about career planning, our mentorship programme, skills development and online resources for students when working on CVs and making applications.

Entry Requirements

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Your current role should involve working (including assessment and support planning)with people experiencing homelessness 

Educational attainment at Leaving Certificate level or equivalent (further information is available from the Course Co-ordinator)

Access to and ability to use a computer

No Entry Path

International candidates are expected to have educational qualifications of a standard equivalent to those outlined above. In addition, where such candidates are non-native speakers of the English language they must satisfy the university of their competency in the English language. For further information on international applications click here.

Course Structure

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The Certificate consists of three modules delivered on a part-time basis over 18 months. The course involves attendance in two-day blocks every four to five weeks during each semester.

You will study the following topics:

  • Concepts, definitions and classifications of homelessness; socio-economic and personal factors that influence pathways to homelessness; homeless prevention strategies
  • The experience of homelessness and its effects on a person’s/family’s health and social functioning
  • The process and practice of effective assessment, support planning and case management in relation to socio-economic needs (finance, housing, education, employment)
  • Physical health, mental health and substance-use problems
  • Methods and processes of working collaboratively with service users and health/social care agencies
  • Assessment and Support Planning: Process and Practice
  • Socio-economic Needs of People in Homelessness
  • Health, Illness, Addiction and Homelessness

For more information on the course structure click here

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Applications are closed until further notice. 

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