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We are delighted that you are considering becoming a DCU student. Before submitting an application, please explore the important application and entry requirement information below. If you have any questions, please make contact with our team using the contact details below. We look forward to receiving your application.


Important Application and Entry Requirement Information 

  • The DCU Online Prospectus can be found here.
  • CAO Hub - everything you need to know about becoming a DCU student. 
  • A useful DCU Admissions FAQ can be found here.
  • Admissions Changes: Following publication of the DCU prospectus each year, there can be changes to course offerings or entry requirements. This information is captured in the DCU Alert List which can be found on the CAO website here.
  • Request a Prospectus – the DCU prospectus is available online using this link, DCU Prospectus. Alternatively, if you require a hard copy prospectus, please complete this Prospectus Request Form.
  • Open Days & School Visits – the DCU Student Recruitment Team arrange Open Days and School visits, for further information, please visit the Student Recruitment webpage
  • Fees Queries: Fees contact information can be found using this link, Fees Office.
  • Accommodation Queries: Accommodation contact information can be found using this link, Accommodation Office.

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School Leaving Applicants/Qualifications

Leaving Certificate & A levels

  • General Entry Requirements (GER) for all first year routes to DCU can be found by clicking on this link. 
  • Programme Entry Requirements (PER) for every programme can be found on the individual programme pages in the prospectus or on the DCU website. They can be reviewed by clicking on this link. For some programmes there are additional assessments, tests and interview processes.  
  • All applicants are required to produce evidence of their competence in the English language. The recognised examinations of English Language Competency are outlined here

School Leaving Examinations from Other EU/EFTA countries

  • Entry Requirements Criteria for EU/EFTA Applicants can be found here.
  • Programme Entry Requirements (PER) for every programme can be found on the individual programme pages in the prospectus or on the DCU website. They can be reviewed by clicking on this link. For some programmes there are additional assessments, tests and interview processes.  
  • All applicants are required to produce evidence of their competence in the English language. The recognised examinations of English Language Competency are outlined here

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Who can apply: Applicants that have a full NFQ level 5 major award and relevant specified modules, may compete for a place on a programme based on their QQI points score.

Please note: Applicants that have completed a QQI FET Level 6 may also consider applying for advanced entry for some DCU programmes. Please see "Advanced Entry" application section below. 

Which programmes can I apply to: DCU offers QQI FET entry routes to over 60 full-time Undergraduate courses.  For courses with a QQI entry pathway, approximately 10% of places are reserved for QQI applicants. 

DCU programmes with QQI FET Level 5 entry path are listed HERE

What are the entry requirements: For information on the QQI FET entry requirements to DCU, please use the link below. Using the drop down, select Dublin City University. This will display the minimum entry requirements for all DCU programmes with a QQI FET entry route.

QQI FET Entry Requirements

QQI Offer Statistics

To review 2022 QQI FET offer statistics, which include the number of places on each programme, offers made last year and the cut-off points last year, please click here. This information is for guidance purposes only.

How do I apply: Apply through CAO.

Who do I contact if I have a question: 

If you have any questions about entry requirements or how to apply, please email the DCU Admissions Team: ugadmissions@dcu.ie.

If you would like to hear from current DCU students who came through a QQI route, want to visit DCU, explore our campus or hear about upcoming open days, please contact the DCU Student Recruitment team: paul.hegarty@dcu.ie.

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  • Mature applicants are those aged 23 years, or above, on 1st January in the year of entry. All candidates (presenting with EU/Non EU qualifications) applying on the grounds of mature years should apply ONLY through the Central Applications Office by 1st February. 
  • For many DCU programmes, mature application assessment is based on the CAO application and in some instances, an assessment and/or interview. 'Other' experience, apart from performance in examinations, may be taken into consideration - this may be work experience, further studies, or other such experience deemed to be relevant to the application. Interviews will take place in April either in person or remotely.
  • For some programmes, mature applicants are required to present the entry requirements as outlined in the prospectus such as Leaving Certificate Science or Mathematics. 
  • Non-native English speakers will need to provide evidence of their English language competency. 

Please note for the programmes listed below there are additional special mature application procedures:

Bachelor of Nursing Programmes

All candidates applying for the BSc in Nursing programmes must apply through the Central Applications Office (CAO) by 1st February regardless of their status as EU or Non-EU, or their eligibility to be considered as a mature applicant. 

The application process for Mature Nurses has changed.  Mature Entry candidates are assessed by the Nursing Careers Centre (NCC) of An Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais na hÉireann (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland, NMBI). More information available in the CAO Handbook

Please take a look at the Nursing Board website for application information and important dates:


The timetable for mature applicants is: 

  Action for Applicant Date Where
1. Apply to the CAO By Feb 1st CAO
2. Access test familiarisation material See website for more details and dates  NMBI

For details please visit: www.nursingcareers.ie or email: careersinformation@NMBI.ie to request a copy of their nursing and careers booklet. All candidates are required to apply through CAO.   

Bachelor of Education

Mature applicants must apply to CAO by 1st February.  In March, those meeting the eligibility criteria will receive an email from the CAO with a link to a supplementary form, instructions for completing and submitting this form. Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria and complete the supplementary form will be invited to attend for a general interview and oral Irish test. For further information about special entry requirements for these programmes, please see this link 

Bachelor of Religious Education & Music (DC012)

This course is no longer restricted and applicants will not be required to take a music assessment but they must have a H4 in Music or equivalent. Applicants can also avail of the change of mind process (1st July) once they have made their initial application by 1st May. 

Bachelor in Journalism (DC132)

Mature applicants must apply by the 1st February and are asked to submit, along with their other paper documentation, a hard copy of an article of c. 750 words of their own composition, written for a specific publication [published or unpublished]. If the article has been published, state when and in which publication. If the article is unpublished, indicate the newspaper or periodical for which you think your submission would be best suited.

Advanced Entry

Who can apply: Applicants that have completed at least one year of study at NFQ Level 6, 7 or 8 at another institution may apply to continue their studies on a similar programme at DCU.

Which programmes can I apply to: Advanced entry applications are accepted for many, but not all DCU programmes. A full list of programmes that permit advanced entry is available HERE. This is a competitive application process for a small number of advanced entry places. Offers will be made on a rolling basis until all places are filled. Early application is advised.

How do I apply: Applications open in December and close on 1st July. Applicants apply via the Advanced Entry route on the CAO website.

All advanced entry applications must be accompanied by:

  • Copies of award and transcripts
  • A CV with any relevant information about previous experience, with references.
  • A statement of interest. 

In addition to submitting an application through CAO, all supporting documentation, including cover sheet, must be sent to ‘Advanced Entry, CAO, Tower House, Eglinton St., Galway’. Failure to supply CAO with all relevant supporting documentation by the closing date may result in your application not progressing to assessment stage.

Note:  Applicants that may be interested in year 1 should also consider applying for standard undergraduate entry (Year 1) using the same CAO application. This ensures that you are considered in both competitions, as the processes happen simultaneously. 

Who do I contact if I have a question: If you have any questions please email advanced.entry@dcu.ie 

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The Higher Education Access Route is a college and university scheme that offers a limited number of places on reduced points and extra college support to school leavers (those under the age of 23 as of 1st January in year of entry) from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds who are resident in the Republic of Ireland. Eligible applicants compete for a quota of reduced points places at DCU. The timeline for submission of an application for this scheme is as follows:

1st February - Make a CAO Application by 17.15

1st March -  Fully complete your Application Form by 17.15

15th March  -  All supporting documentation must be received by CAO by 17.15

For further information contact DCU Access Service 


The Disability Access Route to Education is a third level admissions scheme for school leavers (those under the age of 23 as of 1st January in year of entry) whose disabilities have had a negative impact on their second level education. The timeline for submission of an application for this scheme is as follows:

1st February - Make a CAO Application by 17.15

1st March - Fully complete your Application Form by 17.15

15th March - All supporting documentation must be received by CAO by 17.15

For further information contact DCU Disability Services

Performance Sport - CAO Points Concession

DCU has put in place a special academic entry scheme for performance athletes at undergraduate level. A number of academic places offering a CAO points concession are reserved for outstanding candidates who have achieved a very high level of sporting performance and who are committed to continuing to develop their sporting and academic careers. All applicants must present the DCU general entry and programme entry requirements, as outlined in the DCU prospectus. Under this scheme, applicants are not assessed solely on the basis of their academic performance, their sporting achievements are also taken in to consideration. Applicants should apply through CAO by the normal closing date of 1st February or before the late closing date of 1st May and complete a DCU online application form which will open on 1st February, please click HERE to access the online application form. The closing date for applications is 1st May. Paper applications will not be accepted.

For further information on the scheme, please visit the Performance Sports page here

McAleese Scholarship for Northern Ireland Students

For entry September 2023, DCU applicants with a permanent home address in Northern Ireland may be eligible to apply for a McAleese Scholarship. The scholarship includes a cash award and allows successful applicants to gain one of up to five reserved places across a number of DCU undergraduate courses. 


There are a number of programmes which will not be included in this scholarship process due to externally driven restrictions to programme quotas.

Entry Criteria

Applicants must meet DCU minimum entry requirements and specific programme entry requirements outlined here. The scholarships are based on the presentation of three A-levels, with a minimum requirement of 2 ‘A’ and 1 ‘B’ grades. The required personal statement below will be used in the event of ties on point-scoring.


To be eligible, applicants must apply through the Central Applications Office before the normal closing date for applications, 1st February at 5.15pm, or before the late closing date for applications, 1st May at 5.15pm. See: www.cao.ie for further information. In addition, students must submit the Scholarship form available HERE before 1st July 2023.

Applications received after this date will not be processed

For further information about this scholarship, call Registry on 01-7005338 or email your query HERE

Applicants presenting Non-EU School Leaving examinations (except for Nursing) should apply directly to DCU. For further information, please visit the International Admissions page at this link https://www.dcu.ie/registry/international-admissions.

Undergraduate admissions – Applicants presenting EU Qualifications –, please email ugadmissions@dcu.ie, where a member of the admissions team will be in touch with you.

Undergraduate admissions – Applicants presenting Non-EU Qualifications – Please email internationalapplications@dcu.ie

DCU Admission Appeals Policy:  The purpose of this policy is to define the grounds for an appeal against an admission decision: To access the policy, please click here

Information for DCU Registered Students Only

Internal Transfers (Transferring within DCU)

Some registered students may find that their chosen programme of study is not suitable for them. There are a small number of transfer places available for some DCU programmes. The application to transfer is a competitive process due to the limited number of places and a transfer is not guaranteed. Please ensure to read the internal transfer form and guidelines in detail, as there are strict application rules and deadlines.

While it is not obligatory, applicants are advised to consult with the Student Advice Centre or the DCU Careers Service to discuss their application to transfer.  The finance office should also be consulted to ascertain possible fee liabilities.  If you have any queries in relation to the Internal Transfer process please contact the Registry at 01-700 5338 or email ugadmissions@dcu.ie

Internal Transfer into Year 1


Internal Transfer into Year 2 and above


Internal Transfer into a Business Studies programme Only