QQI Entry Pathway Programmes

DC001 Early Childhood Education
DC009 Bachelor of Arts: Joint Honours
DC010 Post Primary Teacher Education - Religious Education and English
DC011 Post Primary Teacher Education -  Religious Education and History
DC012 Post Primary Teacher Education - Religious Education and Music 
DC014 Jazz and Contemp Music Performance
DC015 Education in Technology, Engineering and Graphics
DC110 Business Studies International 
DC111 Business Studies
DC112 Global Business - France
DC113 Global Business - Germany 
DC114 Global Business - Spain
DC115 Accounting and Finance
DC116 Global Business - USA
DC117 Aviation Management
DC118 Gnó agus Gaeilge
DC119 Global Business - Canada
DC120 Computing for Business 
DC121 Computer Science
DC123 Data Science
DC127 Common Entry into Actuarial and Financial Mathematics
DC131 Communication Studies
DC132 Journalism 
DC133 Multimedia
DC155 Applied Language and Translation Studies
DC161 Analytical Science
DC162 Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
DC163 Chemical Sciences General Entry
DC166 Environmental Science and Technology
DC168 Genetics and Cell Biology 
DC175 Physics General Entry
DC180 Biological Sciences General Entry
DC181 Biotechnology
DC190 Electronic and Computer Engineering 
DC193 Mechatronic Engineering 
DC194 Sustainability Engineering 
DC195 Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering 
DC197 Biomedical Engineering
DC200 Common Entry into Engineering
DC202 Sport Science and Health
DC203 Science Education
DC204 Athletic Therapy and Training 
DC205 Physical Education with Biology
DC206 Physical Education with Mathematics
DC209 Health and Society
DC215 Nursing (General)
DC216 Nursing (Mental Health)
DC217 Nursing (Intellectual Disability)
DC218 Nursing (Children's and General, Integrated)
DC230 Economics, Politics and Law
DC231 International Relations
DC232 Bachelor of Civil Law (Law and Society)
DC235 Education and Training
DC238 Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation
DC240 Marketing, Innovation and Technology
DC241 Digital Business and innovation
DC291 Bachelor of Arts: Joint Honours - Media Studies
DC292 Bachelor of Arts: Joint Honours - Law
DC293 Bachelor of Arts: Joint Honours - International Languages (French, German, Spanish)
DC294 Climate and Environmental Sustainability
DC295 Bachelor of Arts: Joint Honours - Politics