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I’ve always had an interest in social justice, equality and striving for a better world. While I completed a Bachelor of Legal Studies and Taxation, the legal profession was not for me. It didn’t feel like the right tool to improve society and bring about change. Peer support is powerful and can change lives.If you would like a role in which you can make a difference to people, choose peer support working.

Valuing expertise based on experience

I am passionate about human rights, and the right of everyone to enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health. Much of my research is in mental health, such as the COMMUNE project (Co-production of Mental Health Nursing Education), which was an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project based on the collaboration of experts by experience (EBE) and mental health nursing academics from six European universities and the University of Canberra in Australia. 

In this project we sought to involve people with experiences of mental health service use more in mental health nursing education. The project combined experiential and academic knowledge, with the aim of developing a module on ‘mental health recovery’ taught to undergraduate nursing students by EBE.

Both opportunity and support are vital

I am so grateful for having my lived experience in mental health knowledge recognised and valued by DCU where I am employed as an EBE, Lecturer in Mental Health and teach on the Certificate in Peer Support, the BSc in Nursing (Mental Health) and other programmes.

I have been extremely lucky in life to have met many fantastic mentors, supporters and allies. I also encountered some challenging times but I have learned some tough, valuable lessons and I am stronger for the experience.” 

Martha Griffin is Programme Chair, Certificate in Peer Support in Mental Health, in the School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health

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