Niamh McDermott

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I had pursued MSc. in Computing (Artificial Intelligence) at DCU in the 2021-22 academic year and it was a truly wonderful journey! Before deciding to choose AI, I had explored many disciplines of computing and AI caught my interest the most. It has huge potential for growth and can affect the world in many ways in the future. 

Before deciding which universities to apply to, I had researched the modules that are taught at DCU for AI and decided to opt for it because of how well they cover the basics of AI and Data Analytics as well as their in-depth coverage. Overall, DCU has met my expectations regarding the course as the content ranges from the basics of Statistics to the inner workings of Deep Neural Networks.

If I were to pick my favourite modules, I’d say Foundations of AI, Data Management and Visualization and Data Mining. This is mainly because of how well the professors taught us the concepts, and the content of these modules were also very well-curated. Apart from these, modules such as Machine Learning and Mechanics of Search provide a chance to improve your industry-level knowledge through their projects.

This module has really helped me dive into the world of AI and most importantly, the professors at DCU have helped me think in a more analytical and research-oriented way for any task that I do. I would advise anyone pursuing this module to focus on having your basics clear for any module and always have a good balance on what is taught in the lectures and your self-learning.

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