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I was unsure what I would like to do at college so I chose Common Entry Science. In doing it, I realised I enjoyed both biology and chemistry, so I chose Analytical Science because it offers aspects of both in all four years of the degree. In third year, you can choose to specialise in one and I chose chemistry. 

Much of our time was spent in the laboratories. I loved this because I felt like I learned a new technique or improved a laboratory skill after every session. The quality of teaching I received was excellent and the lecturers offered great support and help to students throughout the semester. 

Harder modules such as maths have tutorial sessions as well as lectures to ensure you understand all of the concepts. I found that there was a balance between continual assessment and final exams throughout all years of the course. 

Invaluable work and research experience

A great aspect of this course is that you can gain valuable work experience in industry by doing a six-month internship in third year. The final year of the course involves completing a research project, for which I worked with new and evolving technology, working with screen-printed electrodes and microRNA. Together, the internship and the project help you to decide if you’d like to pursue a career in industry or research when you graduate.  

This course exceeded my expectations greatly and I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in biology and chemistry.

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