Orla Smith

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DCU topped most of the university rankings for Sport Science and Health, making it an easy decision for me. As an athlete myself, I wanted to work in a practical area of professional sport. Even in first year, I gained tremendous knowledge and skills that will enable me to work with elite performance athletes or in the public sector. 

During first year, I was also surprised to hear how DCU promotes study abroad, which offers great scope for experience. I also didn’t expect how big the campus would be. I’m from a small town in the countryside so I wasn’t used to built-up areas. It was amazing to see all the labs, the library and, my personal favourite, the gym!

How to get the most from DCU
When you start college, be yourself. College is the time in your life where you accept your mistakes and speak your mind. Don’t be afraid about fitting in because you certainly will. Have fun but respect the reason why you're there. Grow and graduate to pursue something that suits you and not someone else. It's not a competition, so just do your best.  

Looking forward to an exciting career
After graduating, I hope to travel, bringing my knowledge with me. I have always been interested in working for sporting teams and athletes, so I may possibly explore this interest and see where it takes me. 

Physiotherapy has always been one of the pathways I’d love to take, so evidently, I will need to do the masters for that. The future may not be certain, but I know that with my education from DCU, I will go on to do great things.

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