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Pierre McDonaghName: Dr Pierre McDonagh
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Room Number: Q114
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Academic and Professional Qualifications: Ph.D., Cardiff University (1997)
Biography: Dr. Pierre McDonagh is best known for his work on Green Management and Advertising – in 1997 he edited one of the first texts on Green Management: A Reader with Dryden, now International Thomson Business Press.

In I995 his three act play ‘Q: Is Marketing dying of Consumption? A. Yes and the answer is consumption!” won the best paper at the Marketing Eschatology international gathering of marketers organised by Professors Brown, Bell and Carson at the University of Ulster.
In 1997 he produced and directed the movie ‘The Fable of Joseph the Pig Farmer’ screened at the Marketing Illuminations Spectacular in Belfast, which provoked debate and controversy within the interpretive consumer research community.

He has won the Journal of Macromarketing Charles Slater Award for best article in 1997-1998.

Pierre has examined as Ph.D.s at Universite of Lille 2 Droit et Sante, France in December 2005; University of Ulster, December 2006; University of Exeter, February 2006; University of Limerick, March 2009; Internal examiner (DCU) August 2007.

Pierre is currently External Examiner for the B.A./B.Sc. Business Studies (Hons) at University of Ulster, and his research interests include Nature, Food, Sport and Music.
Teaching Areas: Information technology and Society
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Selected Publications: De Coverley, E. McDonagh, P. O’Malley L. and Patterson, M. (2008) ‘Hidden Mountain: The Social Avoidance of Waste’, Journal of Macromarketing, 28:3 289-303 Sept

Kilbourne, W. E. McDonagh, P. and Prothero, A. (2007) ‘Sustainable Consumption and Quality of Life: A Macromarketing Challenge to the Dominant Social Paradigm’ In Marketing Theory SAGE MAJOR WORKS SERIES, published by Sage Publications edited by Pauline Mclaren (De Montfort), Mike Saren and Mark Tadajewski (Leicester) (December)

Hughner, R. McDonagh, P. Prothero, A. Stanton, J. and Clifford J Shultz, (2007) 'Who are Organic Consumers? Exploring Organic Food Consumption: A Literature Review' Journal of Consumer Behaviour 6:2/3 94-110

McDonagh, Pierre and Strong, Carolyn. (2006). Liberte, Equalite, Fraternite: Reflections on the genesis and continued growth of Fair Trade for Business Strategy. Journal Of Strategic Marketing, 14, 4

Bradshaw, A. McDonagh, P. and Marshall, D. (2006) ‘No Space -new blood and the production of brand culture colonies’. Journal of Marketing Management, 22, 5/6, 579-599.