School of English

Welcome to the School of English, part of the DCU Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.  

Literature offers us an opportunity of understanding life and each other and gives us access to a wealth of human insight and imaginative terrains. Stories are told through poetry, drama and prose. These stories allow us to express ourselves to each other as individuals and as communities and enable us to come to an understanding of the moment in which we live, the past and diverse cultures, ideas and experience. 

The School of English teaches into three undergraduate programmes (BAJH, BAJM and BRE) and offers two MA programmes, part time and full time, in creative writing and in children’s and young adult literature. Aside from researching and publishing widely in the discipline, members of the school organise numerous talks throughout the academic year, many of which are open to the public, and contribute significantly to the Age-Friendly University lecture series.

In the 2024 QS Subject Rankings, DCU School of English was positioned within the top 150 universities offering this subject worldwide.

What sets us apart

In looking at the way in which a work of literature is written, we can learn to appreciate style and the connection between what the story says and the way in which it is told. Central to the aims of the school is the promotion and development in our students of independent critical and creative thinking and an appreciation of the aesthetic. It is through their engagement with literature that students acquire the critical tools with which to read text and develop their fluency and skills in language and expression.