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Payroll Part Time Hourly Claims

Payroll Part Time Hourly Claims

 Last Updated September 2022



DCU Payroll have recently rolled out a new module within Core which enables part time hourly paid employees in certain Faculty\Units across the DCU Group claim for their hours worked in an automated, efficient way.

Employee Information

Core Part Time Claimant (WFM)Training Manual

Click on this link to view manual which outlines detailed steps with screenshots of how an employee submits a claim via Timesheet Module

It is important for active employees to note that claims submitted for hours worked up to the 15th of the current month will be paid assuming the claims are approved for Payroll action by the Payroll cutoff, for more information on deadlines, please click this link.

Another very important point to highlight is an employee must claim for all hours worked within the period of their contract start and end date, if this is not done within the required timeframe it can cause issues as when an employee's contract expires so does the DCU IT access which does not allow the employee access to the system to submit a claim.

We have a short video below which gives the employee a visual run through of how to submit a claim via Timesheet module


Logging a query

Any queries will be addressed when the employee logs a ticket through the Finance Systems Helpdesk

For more information on how to log a ticket please click on this link



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