A promotional graphic for the ECIU challenges, featuring an abstract drawing of a person balancing wind turbines and solar panels.


Make a real impact by solving ECIU University Challenges!

As one of the 12 ECIU University member institutions, DCU is delighted to offer our master’s degree students and final year undergraduate students a unique opportunity for the upcoming spring semester. 

We are inviting you to join multidisciplinary and international teams at the ECIU University to solve challenges provided by business and societal partners across Europe. You will have an opportunity to tackle local, national and global problems with a challenge-based approach, gaining invaluable real-world experience and the opportunity to make an active contribution towards real societal change.


Interested? Explore the ECIU University challenges here


Why Participate:

— Make a real impact. Our challenges are the ones that communities and organisations face at this very moment. Working with them will give you “first-hand” experience and the possibility to contribute to real societal change.

— Contribute to more sustainable communities. Our challenges evolve around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal no. 11 “make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. By collaborating at local, national and international levels, you help to solve these complex challenges and make society futureproof.  

— Follow your own learning path. You will gain unique experiences and develop professional and personal skills, like problem-solving and team-work competencies, the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary and international team and learn intercultural competencies. The ECIU University connects 12 universities from 12 different European countries. 

— Challenge yourself by a new way of learning. In the challenge-based approach, you will work together with teachers, government, experts, business, companies and societal organisations. In addition to this, you may choose from a variety of micro-modules which can support you to better solve the challenge.


How Does It Work?

— Explore the ECIU University challenges provided by various European cities, regions or business stakeholders. 

— Register to the challenge platform to receive more information about participation.

— Choose the challenge that most interests and intrigues you and get paired up with others with a similar interest in this area.

— Engage and investigate the challenge and propose solutions.

— Micro-modules will help you gain additional knowledge or skills that are needed to solve the challenge.


Requirements for students to join the ECIU University Challenges

— Studies in one of the 12 ECIU University member institutions.

— Enrolment in a master’s degree programme or final year of a bachelor’s degree programme.

— Completed 120 ECTS of higher education studies at undergraduate level.  

— English language proficiency: B2 (Self-assessment, CEFR of languages). 

— OPTIONAL REQUIREMENT: Experience with entrepreneurial work. 

For any questions specifically relating to participation in the the challenges, email: challenges@eciu.org

We and our partner institutions are building the European University of the future – the ECIU University. Learn more at: www.eciu.org



In addition to these challenges, ECIU University is now also offering a number of micro-modules, also based on the Sustainable Development Goals, that can be taken alone, or in addition to a challenge. Registration for these needs to be made separately via each of the individual participating universities. Further details are available here.