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Nicolette Towela Simuzingili

Nicolette Towela Simuzingili - Bachelor in Business Studies International

I have enjoyed my time doing the Bachelor Business Studies International. In the first year I have already learnt so much, through the different assignments in each course. These assignments are varied and interesting. They have given me insight into the different areas of business and into some opportunities that I had never considered before.

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Lynda Onyekachukwu Okoye

Lynda Onyekachukwu Okoye - BSc in Nursing (Mental Health)

My time in DCU from inception till this present time has been a very memorable and wonderful experience. I remember when I was applying to study nursing in Ireland and how rigorous the process was. Even after passing the entry exams, DCU was the only college out of the 3 other colleges I applied to that luckily accepted me as an international student to study nursing.

On my journey to obtaining a BSc in Mental health nursing, I have acquired theoretical
knowledge from the classroom and practical skill set while on clinical placement, all of which I believe will come in handy after I qualify and become a registered mental health nurse. Studying in DCU helped me develop skills that I can apply to life in general, things like the ability to work as part of a team, communication skills, showing initiative, communication, leadership, problem solving which in turn has helped to increase my confidence.

Again, studying in DCU has helped me grow my social network as I got the opportunity to interact and meet with fellow students who have come from a different backgrounds and getting to know people who may be in similar situations as myself.

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Olutoyese Oyedepo

Olutoyese Oyedepo - MSc in Emerging Media

Making the decision to pursue an MSc in Emerging Media is actually one of the best decisions I have made in the past few years.

Why? Because for me the programme is a deep exploration into the ever-changing world of media and communications and it equipped me with the practical skills to succeed in this broad field.

My professional belief is that succeeding in media demands you have a broad interest. I am not a fan of specialising in one media field. Luckily, Emerging Media is the one course that aligns with this belief and so far I can say I can bring the breath of the skills I’ve learned to provide unique solutions that will solve emerging problems.

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Jae Min Lee

Jae Min Lee - MSc in Computing (Specialising in Data Analytics)

I am glad to have gotten an opportunity to study Data Analytics at DCU with experts and great support. They kindly provide mental health support for us as well as support for our careers! Especially, counselling for interview prep was really helpful for me. It was also a good experience to do a real-world task offered by companies within our lectures.

My favourite parts of the campus are the large libraries, that are perfect for studying, a colourful lounge in the U building, and tents where I used to enjoy the good weather with friends. I like to chill in the sunshine at Albert College Park, right next to the campus, after hitting the books.

This course allowed me to dream of an advanced career in Ireland that I’d never imagined before. I can’t wait to initiate the next step in Ireland!

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Neha Chandra

Neha Chandra - MSc in Science and Health

After working professionally for over 5 years, I was very particular about my expectations from the masters I wanted to pursue. After speaking with the faculty at DCU and research and speaking with alumni, I decided to accept the offer from DCU. DCU aligned with my goals and plans.

DCU gives everyone an equal chance to find their calling and area of expertise, while exploring
different options. I got a chance to join societies and meet people, I never thought I would. DCU
is inclusive and the faculty understands that every student comes from different backgrounds
and countries and knows how to take care of them. I have enjoyed every moment at DCU- from
celebrating Indian festivals like Holi and Diwali to participating in different events and getting an
opportunity to represent DCU as a Student Ambassador at various forums.

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