A sunny day in with a modern building on the left and the Orange DCU sticks on the right. the letter DCU have been sculpted in concrete.

Who Are We?

Find out more about DCU, Ireland's University of Transformation.

Dublin City University (DCU) is a young, dynamic and ambitious university with a distinctive mission to transform lives and societies through education, research and innovation. Since admitting its first students in 1989, DCU has grown to a student  body of over 19,000 from over 100 different countries across five campuses.

The University has earned a reputation as Ireland’s university of enterprise, through its strong, active links with academic, research, and industry partners both at home and overseas.  It develops highly sought-after, well-rounded graduates who are ready for the workforce and eager to apply their knowledge and skills in a broad range of settings.


Prof Daire Keogh

Prof Daire Keogh, President of DCU

"DCU is proud to be one of the world’s leading Young Universities, with a mission to transform lives and societies. Our focus is on providing a transformative student experience that equips graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed."

DCU is made up of five campuses: Three of these campuses, Glasnevin, St. Patricks & All Hallows, are academic campuses, where students have lectures, study and socialise.

DCU Alpha is our innovation campus, where research-intensive businesses that are creating the technologies and services of tomorrow.

Last but not least we have the DCU Sports Campus, where world-class athletes train for competition.

All of the campuses are within a short walk or bus ride of each other. Campus Maps can be found here.

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Samira Hafeez

Samira Hafeez - MSc in Finance

Coming to DCU for an MSc in Finance degree has been a challenging and fun experience. My time and learning here has exceeded my expectations, including aesthetic of the campuses, the classes, the availability of resources and various indoor and outdoor events.

My course has given me the confidence to be able to face the challenges and new experiences awaiting me in the practical world, which makes me glad about my decision to study in DCU.

A photo of a group of international students, including Joao Luca Cavalheiro Camargo, sitting outside at an orange table smiling and talking

João Lucas Cavalheiro Camargo

João Lucas Cavalheiro Camargo - PhD-track

Being a PhD student at Dublin City University has been the most transformative and academically engaging experience I ever had in my life. I have been able to work, meet professionals and conduct research in ways that would not be possible to do so anywhere.

The doctoral stage of a researcher's life is quite important, as these are the formative years that help define our academic and professional goals, and Dublin City University provides the opportunities, the networking and the training necessary to equip researchers in training to pursue their desired position in society as academics or in the different industries they are able to engage with.

Even though I am at the beginning of my PhD, I am confident that DCU will continue providing to me the critical, technical and humane development that will shape the next years of my career as a teacher, translator, researcher, instructional designer and overall professional.