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Dr. Geraldine Scanlon is an Assistant Professor in Psychology and Education in the School of Human Development  and is the Faculty Ethics Advisor for the Institute of Education at DCU. Her areas of expertise have enabled her to collaborate professionally  at both  national and international levels. Her research interests  have been concerned with strategies which supports the inclusion of Children with Special Educational Needs in mainstream education and the implications for teachers and schools in facilitating those needs in light of Inclusion. A key feature of her research has been “Transitions” for this group of pupils moving from Primary to Post Primary school, Further and Higher Education and for adults with disabilities moving from Education and Training to Employment. Her more recent work has focused increasingly on a Human Rights Agenda approach which assumes that all individuals are entitled to have access to education especially those from marginalised groups. The core element of her work is embedded in facilitating the voice of children and vulnerable populations through research and innovation. Central to this work is the notion of active citizenship and social inclusion for all groups of students. These principals are reflected in her most recent work which explored the notion of Supported Transition for young people with disabilities leaving special schools  to enable them to have the same choice and access to FE/HE as their peers and an additional  project which examined the impact of being homeless on children's ability to access and participate in education. Her expertise in Inclusive education and human rights led to her appointment as an international advisor to support UNICEF Bulgaria on developing an inclusive framework for Kindergartens as a result of their new educational legislation in 2015. The framework was rolled out nationally in 2018.