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School of Human Development

The new School of Human Development at DCU is one of six new schools of the newly formed Institute of Education at DCU.

We are a dynamic and unique group of scholars, researchers and teachers working together in collaboration and whose academic interests span education, humanities, the social sciences and the broad field of Human Development. Much of the work of the School is multi and interdisciplinary, teaching into programmes which are primarily concerned with the study of Human Development, what it means to be ‘fully human’ and with the fundamental relationship between education and human development.

The school is a rich site for research that is theoretical and critical, with a strong research profile that focuses on the fundamental relationship between education and the values and processes that foster and challenge the threshold of being human across time and contexts.

School of Human Development Programmes at undergraduate and post graduate levels span education and training at various levels, and include religious education, the humanities/liberal arts, and have a core concern for development and for social justice. We have a number of PhD and EdD students whose work spans these interdisciplinary fields.

Our website provides detailed information on our programmes, our staff and their research and publications. If you need further information or have specific questions please use the contact form.