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Audrey Halpin
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Academic biography

Audrey Halpin is an educator who has been theorising and researching her practice as an inclusive teacher since 1986. She has worked for some time at all levels of education within schools, colleges, universities and alternative schools. She has been employed in a number of different roles in Ireland, Canada, Dubai and Kuwait with the common threads being those of enquiry-led inclusive response to diversity, high expectations for all learners and belongingness in education. Her current focus is on Teacher Education for Education/Teaching that is inclusive of all learners who arrive at school.

Research interests

Inclusivity in Education, Learner Diversity, Inclusive Education Policy, Teacher Education Policy, Policy and Policy Discourses, Education for All, Inclusive and Responsive Pedagogies, Disability Studies, Teacher Identity, Teacher Educator Identity, Diversity in Teaching and Teacher Education, Queer Experience in Teaching, Queer experience in Teacher Education, Problem Based Learning, Universal Design, Universal Design for Learning Universal Design for Assessment, Authentic Assessment, Relationships and Sexuality Education, Learner Identity, Reflexiveness for Development in Teacher Education, Leadership for Inclusivity, Inclusive Guidance Counselling, Guidance Counselling  for All.