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David Kennedy is Assistant Professor in Religious Education at the Institute of Education, Dublin City University. He is currently an associated researcher with the Mater Dei Centre for Catholic Education, and is a member of the Network for Researchers in Catholic Education, Global Researchers Advancing Catholic Education (GRACE) and the European Society for Catholic Theology. From 2015- 2019, he worked as a researcher for numerous national bodies in Catholic education namely, the Catholic Schools Partnership (CSP), the Association of Trustees of Catholic Schools (ATCS), the Catholic Primary School Management Association (CPSMA) and the Irish Episcopal Conference (IECON). From 2015-2019, David was a lead coordinator and resource writer for Catholic School Week. In 2018, he worked as a researcher, resource writer and national coordinator for Catholic schools for the World Meeting of Families 2018 and papal visit of Pope Francis.

David currently lectures on both the Bachelor of Education programme and the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies in Scripture, Faith and Diversity, Religious Education and the Child, Introduction to Theology, and Cultural Diversity and Religious Pluralism. He is currently in the final stages of his PhD research titled Encounters with Truth: The Hermeneutical Task of Religious Education in the Republic of Ireland. He is also currently carrying out research with assistance from the Teaching Enhancement Unit in DCU exploring the student learning experience in online, asynchronous modules in religious education during the COVID19 pandemic. His key research interests are: Hermeneutics and Religious Education, European Approaches to Religious Education, Ethos, Theologies of the Eucharist, Sacramental Theology, the Theology of Jean Luc Marion, Christology, Religious Pluralism and Cultural Diversity, the Philosophical Hermeneutics of Hans-Georg Gadamer, and Universal Design for Teaching and Learning.