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International Centre for Neurotherapeutics



The International Centre for Neurotherapeutics (ICNT) is a multi-disciplinary, internationally-competitive and self-financing research Centre, as illustrated schematically.

 It allows the development and production of new drugs for human disorders of the nervous system.  Efforts are focused on neurotherapeutics for persistent conditions lacking effective, long-acting and non-addictive medicines.  These are predominantly for debilitating movement diseases (e.g. several types of dystonias, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis) and major forms of chronic pain (i.e. neuropathic and/or inflammatory).  Our mission is to design and manufacture in Ireland innovative and efficacious drugs making substantial societal impacts globally, as well as being of national economic benefit.  Considerable success has already been achieved in reaching this goal, by exploiting the basic science discoveries we have made with Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) support, on the molecular components and mechanisms responsible for neural communication.  The resultant pioneering advances in this medically- and pharmaceutical-relevant field have attracted funding in the form of ongoing Commercialisation Awards from Enterprise Ireland (EI) and large research contracts from major Pharmaceuticals companies.