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School of English Celebrates National Poetry Day!

Southlight Press  'A cure is needed for the present, sometimes'

SouthwordIssue 22.

Smithereens Issue 1, 'At Night I Curl'

Head Stuff Poem of the Week |33| 'I am not a kind woman'.

Art Papier, 'Homofony', 'Rodzicielskie sztuczki', 'Ty', 'Stare wiersze miłosne wzruszają mnie do łez' translated by Magdalena Praczynska

Art to Heart, 'Make Your Body a Boat'.

Poethead, Poems from The Geometry of Love between the Elements and 'Cure for the Lovelorn'.

Barehands, Issue 9, 'Off Course'.

The Brown Critique, 'Words to a New Wife', 'Pattambuchi', 'Mary and Sunil'.

Black, Strong and Sweet Poetry Series


"Brownfield"         https://plumwoodmountain.com/brownfield/  

"Threnody"    "Harbour's Mouth", "Meeting Blake in the Library 1980", "Bringing in the Washing"   https://poethead.wordpress.com/2020/02/22/harbours-mouth-and-other-poems-by-annette-skade/  

 "Glass" and "Family Law" https://burninghousepress.com/2018/03/10/two-poems-by-annette-skade/  

"Newcastle Eclipse"  http://stepawaymagazine.com/archives/3799

UCD Irish Poetry Reading Archive

Arena, RTE, interview

You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-agYPx8UBBMGe7snZ7LeEQ