Irish Refugee Integration Network (IRIN)

IRIN is a collective of Dublin City University academics, students and members of civil society. DCU was the first University of Sanctuary in Ireland, having received the designation in 2016. As such, it is committed to welcoming forcibly displaced persons and supporting them in accessing third level education through the awarding of scholarships. It also organises a range of initiatives to foster integration, including Refugee Week, the Mellie storytelling project, and research in the field of forced migration.

IRIN seeks to facilitate the integration of those who have had to leave their countries because of war, persecution, discrimination, food or water scarcity, or natural disasters. We offer a meeting place to all those who have been forcefully displaced. We aim to create opportunities to interact with each other as well as with the host community.

IRIN seeks to develop strong links between host communities and forcibly displaced persons by supporting local initiatives, by providing information and by ensuring constant dialogue.