Audio Visual Services (AV)

Audio Visual Services notice*

Please Note:

If you encounter issues with the Audio Visual equipment, please call the Audio Visual Support/Emergency Ext line

6817 or 01 700 6817

*All Room Capacities listed are taken from the normal capacities Pre-Covid restrictions.
If you need to know the current capacity of a specific room during this time, please contact

*ISS recommends that if you are purchasing a headset with a microphone for Zoom or Softphone, that you only purchase one with a USB connection

**Macbooks are currently not compatible with the equipment in G114 and E201

Air Media is a wireless system where you can connect your device to a TV or Projector screen in a classroom, lecture theatre or boardroom. You just need to be connected to any wireless network, for further information, click here


The HDMI cable, allows a port to send high-resolution digital video, theatre-quality sound and device commands through a connector and down a single cable.  It has become standard for simultaneously transmitting digital video and audio from a source, such as a Laptop, to a TV or projector.


A VGA connector is still found on some AV components and is mainly used for connecting older computers with equipment. It is a relatively old connection type now, but it still has its uses so don't be surprised if you run into one of these from time to time.

Digital OHP (Overhead Projector)

An OHP uses an internal Camera and light to project an enlarged image on to a main projector or TV screen, allowing the viewing of smaller documents or pictures to be shared with a large audience.

Podium Microphones

Podium microphones (mics) and built-in podium mics are installed in the larger classrooms/lecture theatres throughout all campuses in DCU. It is also possible to get a loan of wireless (portable) microphones, which are limited to specifically designated rooms, from ISS.

*NB*In the tables under Mics if it says Yes* the asterisk denotes that room has Wireless/Lapel Mics available

Control Panel

Most rooms with podiums have Digital Control Panels where the input to the AV equipment can be managed. The room lighting can also be controlled from these devices. See here for further instructions.



Unicam is DCU's video capture system. Through Unicam every staff member and student has the capability to capture their own videos, using their PC, mobile device or an IP camera. Each video is captured and stored on the users DCU Google Drive in a safe and secure manner. As the videos are stored on Google drive there is no additional cost to the institution regardless of how many videos are created making Unicam the most sustainable video capture system for higher education.

To log into Unicam visit

The Covid 'Return to Work' policy can be found here


All information for Staff and Students on returning to Campus can be found here


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