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Video Conference How to use

TV Procedures


  1. Switch on TV (#1 on image)
  2. if it is not on the right channel after you switch the device, press (#2 on image), set it up to EXT3

Camera Procedures

Remote 1

  1. Swtich on device (#1 on image)
  2. The camera should automaticaly be directed toward the table,if not, press (#2 on image), then adjust the camera direction (#3 on image)
  3. if the other side is calling in, you do need need to do anything
  4. if you are calling, type their IP adress, (the dot buttom #4 on image), then press dial (#6 on image)
  5. delete number is buttom #5 on image
  6. when you finish press #7 on image
  7. 15 mins before meeting time is recommended to make sure everything is working
  8. make sure that the mic is not muted


Note: need help on site? Phone the ISS Servicedesk ext: 5007

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