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DCU Apps Support

This page explains where to go for support on which issues.

I am trying to login but keep getting brought back to this page ? Answer

In order to login to the DCUapps service using a web browser you must accept cookies for google.com. There are some instructions here on enabling all cookies in most browsers. Once you have enabled cookies in general (or specically for google.com) you will be able to login to the service.

Who do I contact if I have trouble with my username/password ? Answer

DCU Students ISS Department
SPD Students/Alumni St. Pat's IT Support
DCU Alumni (graduates only) Alumni Office

My account was hacked, what should I do ? Answer

  1. Contact ISS to let us know this has happened. We need to reset your original registration password so that you never have to use the old password again for anything. This is not the same as changing your own password - Please contact us
  2. Dont share your mail/DCU password with anyone - ever !
  3. Change passwords/logins on all accounts which were contained in emails in your mail account.
  4. Check settings in DCUapps account to ensure mail is not copied or forwarded elsewhere
  5. Never use your DCU password for any other services - e.g. paypal, facebook, yahoo, etc
  6. Check for viruses / spyware on laptop, home computer
  7. Do not login to your mail account over public wireless networks. e.g. train station, cafe, etc

Experiencing a technical problem with the applications? Answer

Follow any online advice offered by google.

In general you should try to refresh your browser page, clear your browser cache, try an alternate supported browser etc to try and establish if the problem is local to your PC.

After that check the known issues with the relevant application.

There may a known technical issue with no current fix.

If you feel that the problem you are experiencing is not a known issue, and is not local to your PC please the contact question earlier on this page for contact details.

My mail is not loading / the mail interface is doing funny things? Answer

Common types of problems in this category

  • I'm stuck on the “Loading...” screen
  • I keep getting forced to the “Basic HTML” view of Gmail
  • My browser keeps trying to load over and over again (infinite redirects)
  • I'm seeing gibberish when I log in to my account
  • All I see is a blank white page when my account loads
  • Nothing happens when I click on buttons in my corporate account
  • Actions are taking a very, very long time to complete
  • My settings won't save
  • I click on a message but it won't open

Please go to the troubleshooter on this page to try to resolve the problem

Gmail returns an “Oops…” error with an error code (“007,” “008,” etc…)? Answer

To troubleshoot these issues please go to this page

Note: Ignore information about accessing the “secure” interface via https://mail.google.com

I have deleted an important message - how do I get it back? Answer

Don't delete any messages! You have ample space to never need to delete a message again ! We advise that you archive messages if you wish to remove them from view.

When you delete a message it gets placed in your Trash.

When a message is classified as spam it is placed in your Spam.

All messages in Trash and Spam are permanently deleted after 30 days.

If you manually delete messages from Trash or Spam they are permanently deleted.

I am having problems receiving some messages? Answer

  1. An incoming message has not arrived ?
  2. An incoming message bounced ?

I am having problems sending some messages? Answer

  1. An outgoing message has not been delivered ?
  2. A message I sent was delayed ?
  3. A message I sent bounced ?

My friend's email is being marked as spam? Answer

Please follow the advice on this page.