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DCU Apps Migration FAQ

This page is specifically for Alumni and students who had an old DCU webmail account provided before the launch of DCUapps/Gmail accounts on September 9th 2009. This explains what changes on September 9th, 2009 and how to move your mail messages and address book if necessary.

What will happen on September 9th ?

  1. Messages will stop arriving into your old DCU webmail mail account
  2. You should stop sending messages from your old account
  3. Messages will start arriving in your new DCUapps Gmail account
  4. You may still log into your old account at the same location https://mail.dcu.ie/mail/main
  5. The password used to access your DCUapps Gmail account may be different to your old email password
  6. You may log into your new DCUapps Gmail account here
  7. You may start using your DCUapps Gamil account to send email
  8. You will now have access to online documents and calendar

What will NOT happen on September 9th ?

  1. Your email address will NOT change
  2. You will NOT lose any email
  3. If you have a forward/copy mail rule in webmail it will NOT work automatically in the new DCUapps Gmail account. You will need to set it up.

What will happen to my old DCU email account ?

After September 9th, 2009 you may still login to webmail to check old emails. Webmail will no longer receive new mails. Mail will only arrive in your DCUapps Gmail account. Please do not use the old system to send email after September 9th. You will be notified before the old webmail account is totally disabled.