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Information Systems & Services (ISS)

Spam system FAQ

What is a spam report ?

In the old system spam was tagged with the subject line { *** SPAM *** }. This enabled you to set up a mail filter to redirect the mail into a junk folder.

The new system stops suspected spam or viruses before reaching your mailbox. The mail is held in quarantine and a sheduled report is sent to you. The report (as below) will detail all spam and viruses quarantined for you.

Spam Report

You then have the option to deliver, whitelist, or delete the quarantined spam as below.
However, you do not have the option to deliver viruses - they can only be deleted.

Report Actions

whitelist link Deliver this message and never quarantine any messages from this sender
deliver link Deliver this message but do not whitelist the sender
delete link Delete this message permanently from the quarantine
Delete all messages in the quarantine - up to report delivery time