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Information Systems & Services (ISS)

Spam - Phishing

This is basically identity theft and everyone is open to this scam.
DCU Email users have been targetted in June/July 2008 with phishing mails.
There is some good information here and advice on prevention here.

What usually happens is you receive an email which appears to come from a financial institution you deal with. The mail will claim that you need to update your financial information online. The mail will look official as will the website you will be directed to. Typically the mail will say something like

    To prevent your Account from being suspended plese follow this link to update your details

However the mail and website are bogus - merely made to look official by copying logos and html. You are not updating your information when you visit this site. Instead you are providing your personal financial information to fraudsters.

A general rule of thumb is that genuine institutions will never request information in this way. If you are ever in doubt about transacting online, make a phonecall to the institution in question.

Phishing = Virus

The copperfasten spam system treats phishing mails as viruses. They will appear in your spam reports as below.

Phishing examples