ISS Information Systems & Services - avoiding spam


Spam - How to avoid it

Spammers have many tricks for obtaining your email address and confirming that it exists.

Most common methods include

  • Web pages where your mail address appears - personal, lists, discussion boards etc
  • Web forms where you have entered your mail address
  • Information extracted from your web browser while on their sites
  • Replies sent to mails they send
  • Requests to be removed from their lists
  • Confirmations sent to them when you open a spam mail

Treat your mail address as private !

You need to protect your mail address at all times (if you wish to avoid spam). The most effective way to avoid spam is to treat your mail address as private personal information. It is quite ok to use your DCU address when communicating with known and trusted people/organisations. However, the activities in the section below are not recommended.

How to protect your mail address

  • Do not open/read spam emails
  • Never reply to spam
  • Never click on the link to be removed from their list
  • Do not publish your private address anywhere
    • web pages
    • chat rooms
    • public discussion boards
    • public mailing lists
    • usenet/newsgroups
  • Do not forward 'chain letter' type emails
  • Do not visit web sites advertised in spam mails
  • Do not purchase any products/services advertised in spam

Can I use another mail address ?

Some people on the internet use a disposable account for spam-risk activities. There are many free e-mail providers. You have the choice of using one of these when communicating with unknown people/organistations.

Is it too late to protect my mail address ?

Once you protect your mail address and stop opening spam mails the amount of spam you receive will reduce. Please follow the advice above.