ISS Information Systems & Services - Fighting Spam at DCU


Spam system FAQ

What percentage of DCU mail is spam ?

Many sources state that the proportion of spam mail being circulated is growing year on year.
This certainly was our experience in DCU.

These monthly pdf reports below show that the large majority of mail arriving into
DCU from external sources was either rejected or quarantined on the basis of spam tests.
Please click on any of the report dates below to see detailed information.

Report Date % Clean Mail Amount of Spam Mails (millions)
01-May-2007 14.8 1
01-Aug-2007 3.2 2.5
01-Jun-2008 3.4 30
01-Nov-2008 3.2 35
01-Mar-2009 4.5 22
01-Mar-2010 4.4 10

These reports clearly show the trend. The amount of attempted spam mail delivery to DCU mail accounts was dramatically increasing and peaked in November 2008. Since then it has reduced gradually.