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Fighting Spam at DCU


Fighting Spam at DCU

Unsolicited "junk" e-mail sent to large numbers of people to promote products or services.

This type of mail is generally unwanted. It is time consuming to deal with and may be sexually explicit and offensive. Spammers may also attempt to obtain financial information from you. At best this type of mail is a nuisance, at worst it can be offensive and costly.

What can you do ?

Most importantly do not make it profitable for spammers

  • Never give personal financial information in response to an email
  • Never visit any of the websites advertised in spam mails
  • Never buy any of the services/products advertised in spam mails

Here are some Guidelines on how to avoid spam

What are DCU doing to fight spam ?

  • Reduce mail address harvesting from the DCU site on an ongoing basis.
  • Feb 2004 - Open source anti-spam service - technical changes.
  • Jun 2005 - Installation of managed mail firewall appliance.
  • Feb 2006 - Upgrade to v3.10 - generates pdf reports - 85% of DCU mail is spam !
  • Nov 2006 - Upgrade to v3.21 - OCR plugin to combat image only spam
  • Apr 2007 - Upgrade to v3.30 - Improvements to user interface and quarantine.
  • Jun 2007 - 7 new domains being processed for Electronic Engineering.
  • Aug 2007 - Upgrade to v3.33 - Improvements to Anti-virus module.

Are we rejecting your mail ?

If your mail to a DCU account is being rejected go to this page.

More information about spam

Is spam here to stay ? Why is it such a growing problem ? See our spam information page.