ISS Project Oversight

Within the ISS Department resides the Project Oversight committee. Formed in January 2021, The committee work with colleagues across ISS to support, collate and provide information on project work being carried out by ISS. Please feel free to reach out to Ger, James, Stephen C, Victor and Ian B if you wish to discuss projects and supports, we'd love to hear from you.

..."what is a project?" ... Anything with  timeline, deliverable tasks and milestones.

The Project oversight committee, is a group of  ISS project managers who collate, support and manage the great project work undertaken by ISS staff.

The committee have implemented  what we believe is best in breed project management software, based in Cork and called Teamwork! Teamwork allows us to track and report on projects off all levels in ISS.

However we need your help! Teamwork is only as good as the information that is in it. So we need to hear from you or your managers on projects ISS are working on.

You can fill in a short submission here which will help us collate the good work that ISS is undertaking.

At any stage you can view your project task details in teamwork here. This will also bring you into Teamwork, if you have been granted access. 

So we wish you the best of luck with your projects and don't forget to let us know how you are getting on.

Please click on the image to link to a report showing example projects and estimated timelines as displayed in Teamwork. Make sure to reach out to a member of the project oversight committee for team work explanation and demo so you can view and add projects