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Student Portals

The student portal pages are your gateway to all your college information and news.
Every portal page is customised for each student and contains your:

  • class timetable
  • module information
  • mailing lists
  • web page address

and much more ....

How to login to portal page

You can login in to your page at

When presented with the prompt box below enter the username and password you use to login to DCU computers (NOTE: The School of Computing and the School of Electronic Engineering maintain their own network. Different credentials may be required for their labs).


Once you login you will see all your personal information. Also the portal pages contain DCU news of interest to students, so it is a great way keep in touch with what is happening on campus!

World Wide Access

The portal pages are accessible around the clock, around the world.
Working in another country for the summer and want to know your exam results?
No problem - just log into your portal page!