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ISS Customer Ticket Priorities

ISS Customer Ticket Priorities  
Priority Incidents Description Response Time Resolution Target *(Business Hours)


Critical Incident.
    • An incident having a Critical Impact on DCU operations
    • A Critical system(s) / service(s) affected.
    • A complete loss of critical business function or critical service and interim restoration is either not possible or not acceptable.
15 minutes
2 Hours

Urgent Incident.
    • An incident causing significant impact to the business.
    • Non essential system(s) / service(s) affected.
    • A significant impairment of a major business function or a loss of a non-critical business function, where interim restoration is not possible or not acceptable.
30 minutes
4 Hours


High Impact Incident.
    • Incidents that have a Significant Impact on an individual’s productivity or ability to perform their job / task.
    • Main IT account locked
    • Network connectivity failure on primary device
30 minutes
 8 Hours


Medium Impact Incident.
    • Incidents that have a Moderate Impact on an individual’s productivity or cause a limitation on operations and an interim workaround is possible.
180 mins 12 Hours
*Business hours are from 9 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday
Priority Requests Description Response Time Resolution Target *(Business Hours)


Low Urgent Request.
    • Service request - ISS information / service request as provided for in the ISS Service Catalogue.
3 hours 24 Hours


Low Impact Request.
    • Installation & Project work that has been planned and agreed between ISS and the customer on appointment only basis.
3 hours As agreed/ negotiated
*Business hours are from 9 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday
 Individual Priority Examples 

Individual Priority Examples

Critical Incident Incident Description
P1 DCU Apps unavailable - Staff / Student email unavailable
P1 Loop (Moodle) unavailable
P1 DCU website / Drupal unavailable
P1 DCU phone system unavailable
P1 University Network Drive Access unavailable
P1 Student Printing unavailable
P1 Online Registration unavailable - during registration period
P1 Exam Results unavailable - during results period
P1 eduroam / wireless unavailable
Urgent Incident Incident Description
P2 Agresso unavailable
P2 Core unavailable - P1 during payroll period
P2 ITS unavailable - P1 during registration / PAB's / start of semester
P2 Classroom Projector not working correctly
P2 Department network / internet access unavailable e.g. switch failure
P2 Student VDI lab machines unavailable 
P2 SSL Cert error
P2 Communications Mac server unavailable
P2 ISS Ticketing (Kayako) unavailable
P2 VPN unavailable
High Impact IncidentIncident Description
P3 Unable to use machine - can't login - broken keyboard / Mouse / Monitor - bluescreen etc.
P3 Individual Account not accessible
P3 Program not working on student lab machines
P3 Moodle teacher / module / student not appearing
P3 Account creation unavailable
P3 Compromised account
Medium Impact IncidentIncident Description
P4 Unable to print in office
P4 An individual software system is not working (eg. MS Office)
P4 Copyright infringement report
P4 Network quota increase
P4 Problem editing website content in Drupal
Low Urgent RequestRequest Description
P5 General Information / Service request
P5 Account creation / modification
P5 Software installation
P5 SSL Cert renewal
P5 New mailing list creation
P5 Equipment Loan
Low Impact RequestRequest Description
P6 Hardware Install - Server / Switch
P6 Install New PC / Laptop / Network printer
P6 Create new website
P6 Configure new server