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Information Systems & Services endeavour to provide the best possible facilities, engage actively with the research community and develop strong trusted working relationships with researchers.

ISS currently provide the following services to a number of research centres:

      • Comprehensive Desktop Support
      • Project Management
      • Application Hosting
      • Research Management Applications
      • Secure Network
      • Storage Solutions
      • Video Conferencing
      • High Performance Computing

Should you have any questions in relation to these services or any other matter, please feel free to contact ISS.


High Performance Computing


DCU High Performance Computing (HPC)

Recently DCU have purchased a share in facilities operated by ICHEC, the National Supercomputing Centre.

This share is available to all researchers in DCU and is separate from allocations granted through the standard ICHEC application process.

The way that this works is that each university who 'buys in' has priority rights to a part of the total computing power, (or partition of the available nodes), which are assigned preferentially by ICHEC to jobs from that institution.

In effect, medium large jobs can now access the DCU condominium 'share' without researchers having to apply to ICHEC directly - e.g. by formal proposal for Class B say.


Requesting an ICHEC account

In order to request a new account the process please fill in form below:

Request a new HPC account.


Connecting to ICHEC

See details available on ICHEC Website.

Note: You may need to use a proxy in order to SSH from DCU.


Submitting a job to the DCU Condominium Share

Job submission to the DCU share is very straightforward - you just use the account string 'dcu01' as part of your submission script

Please follow the instructions on the ICHEC Support Documentation page to submit a job to the DCU Condominium Share.


Ongoing support

Support requests for issues relating to connectivity should be directed to ISS.

Issues relating to the ICHEC facilities themselves should be directed to the ICHEC Helpdesk.

For more in-depth knowledge of ICHEC please view the ICHEC FAQ.





If a server is needed for a research function, ISS can provide servers (physical or virtual).  These servers are housed in ISS’s server rooms (sometimes virtual servers), and we provide security, backup etc.

For more details, please contact ISS.


Research Support System (RSS)


Research Support System

DCU Research Support System in supported by ISS on behalf of the Research and Innovation Support. The RSS allows all staff maintain information about their individual research activity at DCU. This information is then used to populate the DCU phonebook research profile section and used by the university for research metrics.

Click on the following link to access the DCU Research Support System/Research Engine.

Please note, you must be logged in as a staff member to access this page.