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Conference Calls

 Use of a conference phone 

Use of a conference phone

For situations where a group needs to be involved in a conference call, the use of a desk phone would not be suitable.

For this situation, there is a conference phone available to book from ISS.

This can be used in a limited number of meeting rooms on campus.

To use this phone, first contact Room Bookings in the Registry (5564) to book a room, and indicate that you wish to make a telephone conference call so that you can get a suitable room.

When the room is booked, log a ticket to to book the conference phone. Include the following information in the ticket

  • Room number
  • Date
  • Duration of call
  • Extension number

If necessary, and if the room is available, a short demonstration on the use of the phone can be arranged. This would have to take place immediately preceding the meeting in the booked room.

The phone can be collected from ISS service desk and and must be returned after.

 Conferencing in a number of users 

Conferencing in a number of users

All desk phones are set up to allow a user to conference in other phones.

If the phone is not a speaker phone, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Pick up handset
  2. Dial first number as normal
  3. When connected, press the 'Conf' button
  4. When you hear dial tone, dial next number
  5. When next line connected, press 'Conf' button again so that all participants can here each other
  6. This can be repeated with up to 5 other numbers.
  Speaker phone option 

Speaker phone option

This is the same procedure as above, but where the user has a speaker phone, this can be done in speaker mode so that other people in an office can also be involved in the call.

 Use of an external bridge 

Use of an external bridge

For situations where you wish to host a conference call, where multiple other users will need to dial in, it will be necessary to set up a conference bridge at least 24 hours in advance.

DCU does not have the facility to host this, please see below for links to some companies who provide this service.

In this situation it may be possible to participate using the Speaker-mode on your own phone, or it may be necessary to use the conference phone. In either case, please see previous section for more detail.