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Office Moves

If you are planning to move office, please log this with Information Systems Services at least one week before the move is due to take place. This will enable us to schedule time to arrange for your telephone and network connections to be in place.

Note: Even though it is possible to transfer your Extension number to a new office, the telephone handset itself should not be removed from either office.

If the new office does not already have telephone equipment in place, both the phone line or the handset, please use the Telephone Order Form to order the relevant equipment in advance.

For larger scale moves, eg a number of staff in an office are moving to a new or refurbished office, please log this on the ISS system at a number of weeks before the move is due to take place.

For new or refurbished offices, you are likely to need to order additional Telephone or Network equipment for the new location, this will allow time for that to be done and for the equipment to be configured.

Please ensure that you have contacted Estates to arrange for your office equipment and furniture to be moved.