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PaperCut and FollowMe™

The FollowMe™ is a printing feature where a user places a print first and choose the printer afterward.

PaperCut is a print job management interface.

PaperCut and FollowMe™ together allow a user to quickly select which print jobs he/she wishes to print directly from the printer’s front panel.

All PaperCut related activity (e.g. balance top up, web printing, print history) can be accessed from the PaperCut web server. The quickest way to access your account details is through the PaperCut desktop application. This will load on log-in, and will appear on as a window on your desktop like this:

This window can be closed if required – it remains as this icon in the system tray -> You can double click this icon to restore the window.

This window will show your current balance, and by clicking on 'Details…' will open a web browser to your PaperCut account page. Log into your account using your DCU network username and password.

PaperCut enables student and staff:

  • View activity in real-time
  • Pop-up screens for user interaction
  • Add cash to accounts via online payment gateways (e.g. credit card)
  • Web print and release
  • Driverless printing solution for user owned laptops
  • Users select printers and upload their document via a web browser
  • Supports PDF, XPS, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.
  • Online refund management system