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Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

DCU is proactive about aligning curricula with industrial and societal needs which enhances the employability of our graduates. Our researchers work closely with multinational and local companies to further innovation, knowledge transfer and commercialisation of DCU innovations through licensing and start-up companies.

This together with our high standing in university world rankings, makes us Ireland’s University of Enterprise.

Engineering solutions through academic research

The School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering’s key research areas of innovative

manufacturing and sustainable energy help create industrial leaders. Our expertise in alternative energies benefits energy sector companies and universities wishing to upskil their staff in sustainable energies.

Our research and PhD projects encourage the development of problem-solving skills while engaging with current industrial and societal issues.

Where we can, we facilitate students working from their home country.

Transferable technology skills

Our computing and electronic engineering programmes are ideal for partnerships with universities in the Middle East; many of our students come from the region.

Students and industry are attracted to our strong practical focus, which empowers graduates with directly transferable skills and immediate employability.

Academics at our partner universities are trained and supported to deliver these worldclass programmes.

Our partnerships in Asia have demonstrated the School of Computing and the School of Electronic Engineering’s ability to tailor and adapt such programmes and delivery methods to  meet the requirements of our partner universities.